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20 best Personal Finance Blogs – 2020

Do you love reading personal finance blogs as much as I do writing?

Over years personal finance planning has become a topic of great interest and debate. You are left out if not well versed in personal finance.

Whether you want information on retirement planning or saving taxes or looking for some inspiration to start investing. There are countless personal finance blogs and personal finance books available for each kind of information.

While gathering data for this blog I have found there is a huge difference in which personal finance is dealt in India and western countries.

I have gathered a list of top 20 personal finance blogs of 2020.

A brief of each blog is mentioned below.

Whether you are new to personal finance, looking to make some extra cash, or save some for yourself surely one of these blogs would be of great help.

Let’s have a look at all.


Author – Manish Chauhan & Nandish Desai

Purpose of the blog – To educate more and more investors and improve their financial life by imparting financial education. The Blog has a collection of more than 800 Articles, which are dedicated to investment, mutual funds, tax saving, and financial planning.

Jago Investor was the first financial blog that started in 2011-12 by Mr. Manish Chauhan. He was a good writer of the financial market and used to write extensive articles. Unique about Mr. Chauhan’s articles was simple and easy language, which even a non-finance person could easily understand.

With the passage of time, the platform started providing financial products and financial education. The platform extensively promotes mutual funds and online personal finance classes.


Author – P V Subramanyam

Purpose – As the tag line mentions – “To make smart people richer”. 

This is the best personal finance blog for beginners.

Subramoney does not tell you how to and where to invest, but gives his knowledge bite on varied subjects and leaves it up to the investor to action.

It tells you about your behavior towards finance.

Most of the articles are sarcasm about your behavior towards finance, surprisingly it doesn’t suggest a way to correct. He just leaves a hint for you to action. The author writes extensively and adds 3 to 4 blogs every week. He also talked about depression post Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide.

3.The Financial Literate (TFLGuide)

Started by – Hemant Beniwal

Purpose  – The aim of the blog is to provide financial freedom through financial literacy.

The Financial Literate (TFLGuide) is one of the best personal finance blogs in India. Most of the blog try to safeguard naïve investors against misselling However, these days Hemant does not post blogs more actively.

Hemant now provides a paid comprehensive investment service.

4.Basu Nivesh

Started By – Basavaraj Tonagatti

Purpose –  the purpose of the blog was to spread financial planning awareness, the author has written more than 700 articles on subjects ranging from tax planning, mutual funds, reals estate, etc.

BasuNivesh writes blogs on basic problems the people face in day to day financial world such as finding LIC policy status or downloading the premium receipt of your LIC policy. These simple topics make its big hit.

The author is now moves to Fee only Advisory model

5.Safal Niveshak

Started By – Vishal Khandelwal

Purpose – The purpose of the blog is to make investment in stocks easy

Vishal talks extensively about investing in the stock market, he doesn’t believe in gambling rather long term investment.

His blog focuses on long term investment only. You would be disappointed if you want to make quick money in day trade by reading his blogs.

The author has authored a couple of books and has started his podcast channel also to reach his subscribers. He is also having 3 courses to offer on his blog.

He is known for “awakening intelligent investor in you”.


Started by – Pradeep Goyal

Purpose – the purpose of the blog is to highlight the power of passive income i.e your assets generate money for you automatically.

The blog shares travel and money hacks, tips to save money. The author also writes about saving and investing money.

The blog doesn’t restrict itself to mutual funds and insurance but also includes the best credit card as an important section. 

The author also writes about making money online.


Started by – Amit

Purpose – Focus on best financial planning using the best options including mutual funds, insurance, NCD (for NRI too).

Amit has secured lots of NSE certifications.  His blog Apna plan gives unbiased information on the best investment products.

He writes about mutual funds, health insurance, stocks, FD, RD’s, and Loans.

He also writes extensively on tax planning and has lots of tax calculators on the blog which you can use to calculate tax.


Started by – Sreekanth

Purpose – The main aim is to present the information on financial products in a simple, unbiased, and easy to understand manner.

ReLakhs is one of the very few personal finance blogs in India that sells nothing on its platform.

The reader is provided with unbiased information only.

“Informed investors will take better financial decisions. If an investor is financially literate then no one can mis-sell financial products to him/her.”  That’s the motto of the blog.


Started by –  Manish Choudhary

Purpose – the purpose of the blog is to provide financial independence.

Get Money rich contains Loan Calculator, a dedicated column for best funds, share tips, Investment Ideas, and articles based on self-experience and research.


Started by – Shiv Kukreja

Purpose – the blog has articles pertaining to personal finance, technology, and economics.

The blog was started to help investors make sound financial decisions. The blog doesn’t promote any financial product sand provides unbiased reviews of various financial products.

You can also suggest a topic to them based on your interest and they shall write on the subject.


Author: – Melvin Joseph

Purpose: – To provide unbiased knowledge about financial products.

The blog though contains fewer articles, but all articles are very simple and even a layman can understand.  He writes on a host of subjects ranging from insurance, housing, taxation, etc. He also provides financial planning package.


Author :- Pattabiraman

Purpose – the purpose was to stress on DIY ( do it yourself) investing. The blog provides various financial calculators that can be used for various financial decisions.

It provides an end-to-end solution. The best part is you get lots of calculators to try and manage your finances.

Whether you want to invest in the gilt fund, mutual fund, or any other investment instruments, he first prepares you to invest before zeroing in on a particular option.

The drawback of freefincal is it’s too technical with charts and graphs that it would be difficult for a layman to understand.

As there are numerous article posted on the website, you can choose the one as per your own requirement.

13.AIFW ( Asan Ideas For Wealth)

Author : Ashalanshu

Purpose: As the name suggests, the purpose of the blog is to provide personal finance in easy language, so that a common man can understand.

Asan Ideas for Wealth is not a blog, it’s an experience of 40,000 members.

AIFW is a Facebook group that has approximately 40,000 members. You have to place your query in the group, people will give you the solutions according to their own experience. You can choose the solution according to your need.


Author : Community of Blogger

Purpose: to have the voice of all bloggers, aiming to help people meet their financial goals

Paisa Blog by Paisabazaar.com is an exclusive community of financial bloggers.

It is a blogging space where the best financial services professionals, the biggest financial bloggers, and people from all walks of life come together to pen their thoughts, opinions, and experiences on personal finance.

This blog covers every topic on personal finance, investments, credit and money management


Purpose: all about money and covers every aspect.

Money control everything about money and blog is one small part of it. Money control is an organization.

Moneycontrol is India’s leading financial information source. You can refer for an online Investment Portfolio, Live Stock Price, Stock Trading news, etc.

The best part of this blog is that the same topics get discussed on live TV also. The articles here are being written by professionals and are very detailed.

You have the option to read, list, or do both.


Author Ajeet Sharma

Purpose The purpose is to provide information insurance, investment, credit cards, etc.

FinanceGAB is a personal finance blog in India, Founded and managed by Ajeet Sharma in 2017. The best place to share and get ideas about financial, investment, insurance, mutual funds, and loans, etc.


Author Tushar Jain

Purpose The purpose is to share their own experience and create passive income.

Tushar is a personal finance enthusiast who loves to talk about money, savings, investments, and healthy financial habits.

He blogs about financial wisdom and income growth habits.

Tushar has written extensively on direct mutual funds and gives regular tips around mutual fund investment best practices

He also reviews multiple financial products and services. His blogs are jargon-free, beginner-friendly, detailed yet very easy to read and relate to.


Author Gaurav Sharma

Purpose: Purpose is to save money intelligently

Getbachat is a mobile app aimed at saving money on autopilot.

The blog is focusing on Indian millennials to learn all things about personal finance.

The blog helps you learn the nuances of money and personal finance using easy-to-understand articles peppered with real-life examples.


Author : Sandeep Kanoi

Purpose: Information and service on all kinds of tax matters

Taxguru focuses on all types of taxes and personal finance.

You can get the latest information on, Amendments, Circular, or even Case Laws.

The amendments can be in a branch of finance. You can also look at different tools and forms in excel or word format regarding tax laws. It is extremely useful for Chartered Accountants, Tax Professional, Company Secretaries, and Cost Accountants.

Even working professionals refer to it a lot to find ways to save taxation.


Author Raviraj Prakash

Purpose A blog dedicated to personal finance and talks about investment, insurance, tax planning stock market, business, and business ideas.

This is one of the finest blogs on personal finance.

Moneyexcel writes about investment, personal finance, financial planning, real estate, insurance, the stock market.

You will find daily new articles discussing new topics.

He started blogging with a view that ‘even urban India consumers are less aware of financial planning’.


Now there are tons of blogs available on personal finance and they cover almost all subjects. You need to be clear what kind of subject information you are looking for and what kind of language you wish to read.

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