About Us


Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself to you.  My name is Abhishek Baid and I am the one who is passionate about finance and new ideas. I belong to Rajasthan, born & bought up in Capital – Delhi.

Formally graduated in Finance & Strategy stream, I am now an educator, consultant, and blogger.

I completed my primary education at D.A.V school, Shalimar Bagh, and got my master’s degree in business management from IIM Lucknow. I also hold MA Economics and currently CFA Level 3 Candidate.  I have been into the corporate world and have the opportunity to work with brands like American Express, ICICI Lombard, Hdfc Life, etc.

Once I read the news that how a man whose hard-earned investment of 50,000 reduced to a few hundred. I was forced to think about why a common individual doesn’t understand simple finance. I always have these and many other questions regarding finance in mind. So when on 23rd march 2020 nation Lockdown was announced I got the chance to sit with my self and there born yourfinancerule.com. a guide for finance and nonfinance individuals to understand and keep abreast of the field of personal finance.

My articles are focused on personal finance. I have a strong feeling that once you would ready the article you would be well equipped to take your logical financial decisions. For the very reason I have initiated the campaign “ Ignite Million Mind”, the aim of the campaign is to provide financial literacy to at least a million people. I have the support of a number of B-schools, professors, and entrepreneurs for this tough journey. Over the last few years, I have been visiting various b-school for a summer internship, final placement, and have always focus on this campaign.

Having worked with the corporate for a good part of my life I have lots of achievement under my belt. I have been accolade as the best performer on various national and international stages.

Currently, I am managing a portfolio of 112 families.

Apart from this, I am on the advisory board of a couple of companies both national and international. I am also holding the position of Convenor with the biggest Jain Network – JITO.

You can reach to me at hi@abhishekbaid.in and abhishek@yourfinancerule.com